It is often seen that pet parents have more than one dog. They train and manage all the activities of the dogs together. The dogs that live together become a family. So, as a pet owner, you go through different challenges, sometimes you deal with the disease of your dog and sometimes with the death. But the important thing is to know the way that helps you to deal with the unfortunate circumstances in a way that causes minimum distress for you and your pet. For example, it is necessary to develop the skill to deal with the dog that has lost his friend? If you don’t know, then don’t worry. Here are a few things we researched, you can do to help your dog after the death of a companion dog.

We expect to outlive our dog, but this can’t happen, and we along with our other dogs, have to go through the pain of the death of our beloved dog. In this scenario, it is crucial to treat the other dog rightly to save them from trauma. To do so, try to be with your dog as much as possible, take great care of the dog’s appetite, allow the dog to eat and do whatever they like, support the dog emotionally and try to maintain regular activities. Some researchers also say that you should buy a new dog to replace the dead one. But keep in mind not to make this decision in haste instead, give your pet proper time to recover and mourn before you bring a new dog.

To support your live dogs, there are two basic things you need to do after the death of your dog. One is to give the other dog time and space to mourn, and the second thing is to bring another dog. In both cases, we did some research to come up with the facts. So if you want to know how you should treat other dogs and when you should bring another dog? Then continue reading till the end.

How to Help your dog after the Death of Companion Dog?

It is without any doubt that dogs mourn over the dead dogs. But their way to show the expression of pain is different from humans. And the dogs that had lived together, and had shared a lot of things, mourns even more, after the death of their partners. There are not particular or definite signs of misery in dogs, as there is a great variation among species and breed. For example, some dogs become more docile after the death of their companion, and some dogs become more aggressive, but the former case is less often.

Here are few things you should do after the death of your dog to support your other dogs.

Allow to see the Body of Dead Dog

It is one of the most important things, you should allow your dog to see the body of the dead one , to say the last goodbye. Although, the concept of death is poorly understood by the animals. But when dogs see the dead body of their companion, their conscious perceives that something has happened to their companion, this perception is very important and helps the dog to overcome the trauma. And in some cases, when you don’t allow your dogs to see the dead dog, then after some days, dogs attack their owners and demand to bring their companion back.

Maintain Regular Activities of the Dog

The aftermath period of a dog’s death is equally painful for pet parents and as well as for the companion dog. Although, it’s easier said than done. But after the death of one dog, try to maintain the routine of other dogs as much as possible. In fact, it is best to involve the dog in the things the dead dog uses to do with the other dog. To do so, you can play with your dog’s favorite stuffed toys, you can go on walks, and you can run with your dog in the garden. It is one of the best therapies you can do for the grieving dog. Also, try to maintain the cleanliness of the dog, try to give them a proper diet. In case you are seeing a serious sign of sadness in dogs, then you should visit a veterinarian to ask for help.

Give your dog some Time to Recover

We said that it is better to maintain the regular activities of the dog. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t allow the dog to mourn properly and to spend a period of pain in calm. Dogs felt confused and anxious about the death of their companion dogs. So, it’s crucial to give them time to comprehend that their friend is no more. In the aftermath period, most dogs try to do the things they used to do with their dead friend. So, as an owner, you should allow them to do those things because it will appease them. For example, you can put the neck collar of the dead dog around the neck of other dogs. You can also give your dog his favorite food and toys. It will help the dog to recover from the grief of the dead one.

Do constructive things

We have just explained that you should give your dog proper time to recover, but it should be very transient, a maximum of 5-7 days is enough.

After that, you should try to involve the dogs in different types of activities as soon as possible. It is often seen that when two dogs live together, they interact in several ways they play, fight and do many other things. So it is common to feel bored and without purpose after the death of their companion. It is crucial to reduce the feeling of boredom in dogs. Because eventually, the feelings of boredom will make your dog depressed first and ultimately ill.

These activities will surely divert the attention of the dog, and it will help them to forget their dead companion soon.

Avoid over-pampering the dog

It is often seen that pet parents over-pampered their dogs after the death of their companion. But it is not the right practice. It is crucial to give them attention. So, they can recover early, but it is not preferable to do extraordinary things to make them recover soon.

It is human nature that they become overprotective about their grieving pet. And to alleviate their sadness, they do unusual things. Like some pet owners started to feed their dogs with their hands, some starts to keep their dogs more in close contact and etc. But these are the worst things to follow. It does more harm than good. As a result of this over pampering, your dogs will become addicted to all those unusual things, and when you will stop doing those things, dogs will become aggressive. And in some cases, dogs also show disobedience. So it is pivotal to maintain a balanced behavior to avoid any uncertain condition.

Above mentioned things were the immediate things you should do after the death of your dog. There are also long-term things you can do.

When to bring another dog?

The best way to cope with the grief of the dead dog is to bring another dog, but before buying a dog for your grieving dog, keep a few things under consideration.

Do not decide in Haste

Some pet parents decide to bring another pet at home in haste and suffer later. So, make the final decision of buying a new pet only when you and your other dog are fully ready. Do not bring a new dog when your other dog is still mourning over the dead dog. When your dog starts to return to normal life, then it’s the right time to bring a new dog home. Average, it takes one month for a dog to recover. So, it is recommended to buy a new dog at least after one month of death

Consider your Surroundings

It is often seen that humans and specifically children have a specific type of association with their dogs that cannot be rebuilt with any other dog. So consider your surroundings before bringing a new pet dog. For example, you should know that if all the other members of the family are ready to welcome a new four-footed friend? Do your other dogs want a companion? Would it be possible for the new dog to adapt to the environment of your home? After considering all these points, you can make the final decision either to bring a new pet at home or not

Consider your own Needs and Responsibilities

First of all, you should consider very thoughtfully that do you need to buy a new dog? If it is necessary to alleviate the pain of other dogs or your veterinarian has recommended that (in case of younger littler). Then you need to bring a new dog. But getting a new pet and specifically, a new dog is not a child’s play. You have invested time and energy to make the new dog adapt to your environment. And also, you have to rectify the unwanted habits of the new pet. Without any doubt, it takes considerable time and energy. So before buying a new dog, keep that thing in mind too, that the new dog will not start acting like the dead one in one day. It’ll take time.

Choose the Dog Wisely

When it comes to buying a new dog, a pet parent often makes decisions in haste. Most people become conscious about the physique of the animal and they choose a dog that closely resembles the dog they have lost. Without considering the specific breed, size, age, and physiological condition (in case of a female pregnant, lactating, or young) of the dog. They just see a dog of matching physique and bring them at home, this approach creates trouble afterward. So, it is necessary to consider a few things before buying a new dog.

For example, if your adult dog is dead and the litter is left over, then you should bring an adult of the same breed. And if the female is dead, then you should buy a female. But before buying, keep the temperament of the dog under consideration. Consider that aggressive and adult dogs don’t cooperate with new mates soon.

Preferably a docile dog of younger or middle age could be the best substitute for the dead dog. And check the social behavior of the animal before buying. Ideally, when you go to buy a new dog, you should take your dog with you. And observe a free meeting between the dogs before making a decision, mostly you got to know in the first meeting that either there would be able to live together or not. If either of the dogs had not reacted violently, and both dogs remained calm during the first meeting, then you can bring that dog home.


The death of a dog is a period of distress for the other dog. As a pet owner, you can help your dog to overcome this sadness. Immediately after the death, you need to support your dog emotionally but taking care of it, but up to a certain limit. And also, it is necessary to act normal in front of other dogs. Because dogs are very good at sensing the sadness of their owner. After one month, if you still see that your other dog is not doing good, or you also miss the dead dog. Then you can consider bringing another dog after carefully considering the things we mentioned above. In most cases, these two things help the dog a lot to recover.

But after trying these things if you still see that your dog is still in miserable condition, then your dog is undergoing depression. In this condition, you need to visit a veterinarian.