We all love our pets, they are like a part of our family. We want to keep them by our side at every place, but what about doggy odor? Whenever a person hears the word “doggy odor”, they squint their eyes instantly as it is a quite foul odor.

If you like to play or kiss your dog, then imagine how bad an experience it would be to get the doggy odor while kissing or playing with your pup. It will surely burn your mood in seconds. The stinky smell of your dog can also agonize your friends and neighbor and can cause embarrassment as well. So, is there any solution to all this mess? How can you get rid of the doggy odor without bathing your dog? Read the article below to know the best possible answer to your queries.

All the dogs have a particular smell. Surely, dogs don’t smell like roses, but at the same time, they shouldn’t smell like rotten fruit or fish. By the particular smell of the dog, we mean a slight smell of the sebum and sweat that almost all the animals have. It doesn’t include the bad smell.

The stinky smell of your dog is not normal. If your dog smells bad, then you should take some vigilant steps to get rid of that smell. There are a lot of things that make your pooch smell bad. Let’s have a look at them.

How to make Dog Smell Good Without a Bath?

The stinky smell of the dog is unbearable. Fortunately, you can prevent the nasty smell of your dog by adopting a few things. If it is not possible to give your dog a regular bath, then make sure to do regular grooming and cleaning of the dog. If you do regular grooming and cleaning of your pooch, then there are great chances that you will get rid of the traditional doggy odor. Additionally, keep the environment and housing of the dog neat and clean.

Following are some additional steps. That will not only keep the awful smell away from your dog but will also help your dog to smell good.

Regular grooming

Animals require regular grooming and cleaning as humans need, to avoid the smell of the body. Regular grooming may be time-consuming for the busy pet parent, but it worth your time.

Regular grooming will include the regular brushing of the hair; hair brushing will take all the sticky mud and soil away from the dog.

Cleaning of the paws, sometimes dog’s pop stuck in their paws. If a dog’s paws are not cleaned regularly, they will create a smell.

Clean your dog’s ear

As I have explained above dog’s ear smell could be very bad. So, it is very important to keep the ears of the dogs clean to avoid any infection and smell. One cannot clean a dog’s ear daily, but make sure to clean your dog’s ear once a week. Use a soft wet cloth or dog wipes to clean the inner and outer surfaces of the ear. If you see any wax in the ear, remove that wax. If you see any kind of allergy and infection in any part of the ear, then make sure to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Clean Mouth and Teeth of the Dog

A dirty mouth creates bad breath, and bad breath is one of the major reasons for the dog odor. Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly. But if you are not able to maintain a daily routine, then make sure to brush them after one day.

Make sure to brush the tooth of the dog gently. Otherwise, your dog will create a mess. After cleaning the teeth, clean the mouth of the dog, and then clean the under-eye area with a soft damp cloth.

If you want to keep your dog’s mouth healthy without much effort, you can give your dog rawhides, you can find more about rawhides here.

Use Pet Wipes

Dogs’ wipes work very well to remove the mud from the dog’s body. If you don’t want to give your dog a regular bath, then dog wipes are the best substitute product for you.

Dogs’ wipes are very effective to clean the paws, ears, muzzle, dirty dog coat, and dog dander.

Dry Shampoo

Dogs are reluctant to have a bath, and they often create a mess for the owner while having a bath. Dry shampoos are the best product for your dog if he’s hydrophobic. Dry shampoo came in various forms like

  • Powder
  • Spray
  • Foaming solution

Dry shampoos absorb the oils effectively from the coat of the dog. And if applied correctly, dry shampoos promise to leave your dog clean and make them smell fresh.

Use Freshening Spray

If you aspire to take your pooch with you at parties or in casual meetings, then a dog’s freshening spray is all you need. You can say freshening sprays as dog’s perfume. These sprays not only cover the doggy odor but gives out a fantastic smell when applied to a dog’s coat. The freshening sprays are long-lasting, once applied they remain for the whole day.

Clean the Anal Glands of the dog

The main purpose of the anal glands is to provide lubrication, while the dog passes the stool. Because of the proximity of the anal glands with the rectum, bacteria get access to the anal glands very easily.

Bacteria grow exponentially in the anal gland and create a stinky smell, so it is important to clean the anal glands.

You can clean the anal glands of your pet weekly, monthly, or whatever schedule suits you. If you see any infection at the anal glands, then use any antibiotic or antiseptic, and take veterinarians’ advice afterward.

Keep Dog away from the Garbage

Dogs love to stay at the garbage side, so they stink like garbage. The only solution to that is to keeps your dog away from the garbage. You can use caped rubbish bins for this purpose, or you can make garbage bins unattractive for your dogs by spraying repellents by the side of the garbage.

Good Diet

The way a good diet keeps you away from the diseases in the same way a good diet helps to avoid the bad smell. A balanced diet will help to avoid bad breath and gas problems.

Why does my dog smell so bad?

The nasty body odor of your four-footed friend could be due to various reasons. It could be health problems or uncleanliness. If your pooch smells bad, then read all the possible reasons for the nasty doggy odor and to know why your dog smells bad?

Anal Sac Smell

The foul smell of the anal sac is the biggest reason for the traditional doggy odor. Anal sacs are two secretory sacs that are present on both sides of the dog’s rectum. Usually, in healthy conditions, the anal glands do not give out a nasty odor, but unfortunately, many dogs have some problems with the anal gland. As a result, they gave out a nasty, fishy smell.

Urinary Tract Infection

If your dog often smells like urine, then your pooch might have a Urinary Tract Infection. This condition is common in dogs. Vigilantly check your dog for a urinary tract infection if your dog smells like urine.

Lack of Proper Cleaning

If you don’t do regular grooming and cleaning of your dog, then your dog will give a traditional doggy odor. Most of the dogs have a heavy hair coat. Dirt, dead skin cells, and saliva stuck in the hairs for a long time can create a nasty odor.

Bad smell due to Wet Body Coat

The wet body coat gives out a bad smell. You might have noticed that after some time of swimming. If you left the body coat of the dog wet, it started to give a foul smell. A damp dog’s body is the best environment for the production of microorganisms. Microorganism when grows on the body coat of a dog, they create a foul odor.

Gas Attack

Occasional burgling and burping does not cause much irritation, but frequent burgling and burping cause a continuous nasty odor. A gas attack or digestive tract problems in the dogs cause frequent burping.

Bad breath

Bad breath is the unpleasant odor of a dog’s mouth. It is due to the development of bacteria in the dog’s mouth that produce a foul odor.

Ear Infection

If you haven’t faced the awful odor of a dog’s ear, then consider yourself lucky. Dog’s ear gives out the nasty smell in case of any infection, diseases, and also as a result of microbial growth. Dog’s ear odor is much more severe and hateful than one can think. Sometimes the odor of the infected ears is so bad and empowering that it makes the dog stinky as a whole.

These were the major possible reasons for the awful odor of the dog’s body. If your dog is facing any of the above conditions, then make sure to clean your dog as described above, it will surely help your dog to get rid of the doggy odor.

Use Baking Soda to Clean your Pooch

The benefits of baking soda are much more than its price. Baking soda is the best home based cheap product that you can use for the grooming and cleaning of your dog. If your dog is allergic to heavy smells of the chemical-based shampoo, then go for the baking soda shampoo.

Making natural baking soda shampoo is quite easy. Take 1 part of baking soda and 2-3 parts of the water, mix the ingredients thoroughly, and your shampoo is ready. You can apply this shampoo directly to the coat of your dog as a regular shampoo. Following are some benefits of using baking soda as a cleaning agent in dogs.

  • Organic product with no harsh chemicals
  • Inexpensive
  • Fragrance-free
  • Neutralize the odor very well


Continuous dog odor is just unbearable, and one cannot manage to give his/her pooch a daily bath. So, it is important to do daily grooming and cleaning of the dog, to avoid its body odor. We have described simple and easy methods to avoid the nasty dog’s odor. You can follow these steps; they will surely help you, to get rid of the awful dog’s smell.

In the end, we would like to say that as it is said that success comes to those who work for it daily, the same goes with the tear stain. Treatment of the tear stain is not difficult if one is consistent.