Minerals are one of the most crucial components of canine food. Mineral deficiency causes several health problems in dogs the most common of them are soil eating. Soil is a rich source of minerals, that’s why mineral deficient dogs crave eating soil. Soil licking can cause several health problems in dogs, as there are uncountable microbes in the soil. So, as a dog guardian, you should stop your dog from eating soil. You can do so by including suitable minerals in your dog’s diet. However, the question is, which is the best mineral supplement for dogs?

There are two classes of minerals: macro-minerals (which dogs need in bulk in their diet) and micro-minerals (required in small amounts). These minerals can be fulfilled by mineral supplements. Different mineral supplements are available in the market, but the best of them is Pet Naturals’ Daily Multivitamin. The multimineral supplement provides the dog with the minerals they need to carry out a healthy life.

If your dog is eating soil, then as a good guardian, you need to know the root of the problem. You also need to take some preventive steps to stop the dog from licking soil. Here we will tell you about how you can stop your dog from eating soil and the cause of the problem. But let’s see which mineral supplement you should get for your dogs that eat dirt.

Best Mineral Supplements for Dogs

If you think your dog needs a boost in its diet, then consider adding mineral supplements to your dog’s diet. Whenever it comes to choosing any dog food and especially supplements, dog owners find themselves in dismay because they don’t know what is best for their dog. Also, they don’t want to take any chance. However, if you are reading this, then don’t worry because we will tell you about the best mineral supplements you can give to your dog that eat dirt.

These mineral supplements are chosen after seeing their effectiveness, safety to use, and benefits on the dog’s health. Now let’s see which are the best mineral supplements to use for your dog.

Pet Naturals’ Daily Multivitamin – Top Pick

The best thing about this supplement is that it is veterinarian formulated, so there are not any side effects of this supplement. Moreover, almost 28 nutrients in the supplements will help keep your dog fit and agile. The composition of this supplement is so substantial that it will proficiently fill the nutrient deficiency of your dog. Here are some key features of the supplement:

Key Features:

  • Almost 28 nutrients in the supplements will help keep your dog fit and agile.
  • The supplement helps correct the organ function of the body (heart, liver, kidney, and brain) The supplement is highly recommended for dogs with digestion problems.
  • Along with the essential minerals, the supplement has a high content of calcium. The supplement will help fulfill the daily calcium requirement of your dog.
  • It strengthens a dog’s immune system and helps regain a healthy coat.
  • Dogs of every age can use this supplement.
  • The composition of the supplement is all-natural and organic. There is not any artificial ingredient in it.
  • The delicious artificial flavor makes it an attractive food for dogs
  • The supplement is chewable, so no need to hide it in your dog’s food.
  • The vegetable taste is not adored by all the dogs.
  • There is a report that a few dogs don’t like the smell of the supplement after chewing.

Nutri-vet Multi-Vite Chewable – Budget Pick

The supplement significantly helps the dog to carry out the normal metabolism of the body, along with all the essential micro and macro-minerals. The supplement also has antioxidants, which help to remove all the impurities and free radicals from the body. It provides a complete spectrum of minerals to your dog to fulfill all mineral requirements.

Key Features:

  • The unique veterinary formulated supplement promotes the health and well-being of dogs.
  • Antioxidants present in them helps the body neutralize harmful poisonous substance, that hinders in the normal functioning of various organs.
  • The supplement has an ample amount of zinc, manganese, magnesium, and copper that aids the body to carry out the various reactions of body normally.
  • The liver flavor of the supplement is the dog’s favorite thing about it
  • Stop dogs from eating soil within a few days.
  • No side effects
  • The chewable supplement helps the body carry out the normal process of digestion adequately.
  • Sucrose is present in the supplement, so it is not recommended for diabetic dogs
  • Can only be used for a dog of 1 −7 years of age.

Multi-Tabs Advanced Formula – Bets for Daily Use

It is a multipurpose supplement. It will fulfill the mineral, vitamin, and protein requirements of your dog. The supplements are approved by FDA, so it has a balanced composition and fulfills all the dietary deficiency of dogs. The supplement is highly recommended if you want your dog to gain weight. It improves the overall health of the dog and helps them gain healthy weight.

Key Features:

  • Dogs love the excellent liver taste and enticing aroma of the supplement.
  • The supplement is helpful to eliminate arthritis. If your dog is facing the issue of arthritis then don’t wait any longer and buy this supplement for your dog, as it works instantly.
  • It complements the dog’s normal diet and provides balanced nutrients to dogs.
  • The supplement is rich in micro-minerals, these minerals help in the normal functioning of the body.
  • Excellent customer service with flexible return policies.
  • Can be used for dogs of all ages.
  • Highly recommended for older dogs, also effective for the working dogs.
  • Some users have reported that a high calcium level of supplement is dangerous for young dogs.
  • Some dogs might not adore the smell of the supplement.

Why are Mineral Supplements Crucial for Dogs?

Mineral supplements are important for dogs, for maintaining the normal functioning of the body. As we have described above; there are two basic types of minerals, “macro-mineral” and “micro or trace minerals.” The deficiency of macro-minerals urges dogs to lick or eat soil, it also causes many diseases in dogs. The deficiency of micro-minerals also causes several diseases in dogs, but it is less severe.

Dogs need minerals in all stages of their life. However, in some stages, it becomes crucial to provide them with mineral supplements so they can maintain a healthy life. For example, during pregnancy and while a dog’s permanent teeth are erupting, the mineral requirements increase tremendously.

Let’s see what functions different minerals perform in the body. To better understand the importance of minerals for dogs’ health.



Calcium is important for developing bones and teeth. Calcium also helps maintain the normal rhythm of the heart. An ample amount of calcium is required during the growing age and the pregnancy. Pregnant bitches are often found calcium deficient. That’s why a considerable percentage of bitches eat soil during pregnancy.


Copper converts iron to hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is crucial for respiration. Its deficiency can cause anemia.


Phosphorus is also important, for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.


Magnesium is an important mineral. Magnesium boosts up almost 300 enzymatic reactions of the body in dogs. It also helps regulate the normal functioning of muscles and nerves.

Sodium chloride

Sodium chloride maintains the balance of fluids in the body.

By seeing the functions of macro-minerals, you can evaluate the conditions or ailments; their deficiency can cause.

Now let’s see the functions of micro-minerals:



Selenium plays a vital role in the metabolism of the body, and it is required for the normal functioning of thyroid glands.


Copper has multiple functions in the body. Copper helps the body make red blood cells. It also maintains the immune system of the body. Copper helps transmit nerves throughout the body.


Zinc is required by the defensive cells of a dog’s body to work properly.


Sulphur is crucial, and it makes protein for the normal functioning of the body.

All other trace minerals also play vital roles in the body. In a nutshell, minerals are important components of a dog’s diet. So it is important to provide dogs with a balanced diet having a good quantity of minerals.

We cannot say anything with certainty about the specific quantity of minerals required by dogs, because the requirements vary with age, breed, sex, physiological status, daily activities exercise, and weather conditions. So it is always smart to choose a dog food that can fulfill the mineral requirements of a dog.

If you prepare food for your dog at home, then you should provide mineral supplements to your dog, as homemade food can only fulfill the mineral requirements to a certain level. You can add mineral supplements to your dog’s diet to make it more nutritious.

How to Fulfill Mineral Requirements through Food?

All the supplements mentioned above are best to fulfill the mineral requirements. However, in case you don’t want to use any of them, or if using those mineral supplements is not economical for you, then you can provide both macro and micro nutrients to your dog through the food. Let’s see different food components that can fulfill the mineral requirement of your dog.

dog food

As we all know that; chicken bones are one of the most favorite foods for dogs. Besides being the favorite treat, chicken bones have several health benefits for dogs. Chicken’s neck, wings, and feet are a rich source of calcium and phosphorus. So if you think your dog is deficient in either calcium or phosphorus, then you should offer your dog chicken’s bones. During the pregnancy of your four-footed friend, you should offer chicken bone-based food twice a week to fulfill her dirty requirement and save her from milk fever.

Fruits, vegetables, and milk have an ample quantity of phosphorus, sodium, and chloride. While red meat is rich in zinc, iron, chromium, and sulfur.

Whole grains are rich in manganese, copper, and magnesium. So, you can easily choose which food will satisfy the mineral requirement of your four-footed friends (after keeping their physiological status under consideration).

Why does my Dog Eat Dirt?

Geophagia is a common condition in humans and animals. A geophagic animal likes to eat or lick dirt. Geophagia in animals develops when they are anemic, facing digestive issues, or going through nutrient deficiency (more specifically, mineral deficiency).

dog eating dirt

When a diet fails to provide the required minerals to dogs, they become mineral deficient. So in a mineral deficient dog, the body functions including digestion are compromised. Mineral deficient dogs crave a mineral-rich diet. Dirt is rich in minerals and contains some bacteria. It also helps dogs digest their food.

Mineral deficient dogs lick the soil because they can smell the presence of high content of minerals in the soil. Soil satisfies their craving for minerals, and also bacteria present in the soil help them carry out a normal process of digestion. That’s why mineral deficient dogs love to eat soil.

A question that might cross your mind is that if eating dirt helps to fulfill mineral requirements and digestion, then why are we trying to stop dogs from eating dirt?

Well, yes! Soil is rich in minerals. But, the soil also contains several other microbes in the soil. These microbes can cause mild to severe diseases in dogs. Some deadly microbes are also present in the soil (anthrax, fungal spore).

Moreover, eating dirt can cause various diseases in the oral and buccal cavity. So, it is critical to stop the dog from eating the dirt, as soon as possible for their benefit. Let’s see in detail, what are the harmful effects of eating dirt in a dog’s body?

Why is Eating Dirt Dangerous for a dog?

Eating dirt could be dangerous for dogs because it can cause several life-threatening conditions:

  • Excessive dirt-eating can choke a dog’s intestine; ‘choke’ could be dangerous in severe cases. Surgery may be required to alleviate this condition.
  • Soil is a rich source of harmful microbes and parasites. These microbes and parasites can cause numerous mild to severe diseases in dogs.
  • Eating dirt can significantly affect the oral cavity. Soil damages the teeth, throat, and stomach of dogs (in most soil causes constipation)
  • In the long term, eating soil causes changes in the immune system.
  • Eating dirt also causes anemia in dogs.

Along with all the above, there are others with many health effects that soil eating can cause. So, it is important to discourage this behavior in dogs.


Dog’s dietary nutrients vary according to their age and health status. If your dog has suddenly started eating dirt, then it is because the dog’s traditional diet is not providing the required minerals to them. There are several ways to provide missing nutrients to your dog that can stop the behavior of eating dirt, but mineral supplements are the best to stop dogs from eating dirt. In the end, we would like to add that; Pet Natural Multi is the best mineral supplement to offer to your dog, as it is safe to use and proficiently fulfill the mineral requirement of dogs.