All of us love our dogs, If it was up to us, we would never leave them alone. We love to take care of them, feed them, and give them whatever they need. But obviously, we can’t keep them by our sides all the time because of work, school, etc.

Dogs normally eat twice a day. Any excessive eating can cause obesity and any under-eating can be the reason for malnutrition. One of the biggest problems of leaving your dog home is their feeding schedule. We can feed them once before leaving and leave an extra bowl of food for their second meal but one small wave of hunger in the dog and they will finish the bowl, which will put the eating off-schedule. They might be hungry again once you return home. Feeding them again will cause over-eating and can cause all the problems related to excessive eating.

The dismay in feeding scheduling can easily be tackled by the use of automatic dog feeders. Automatic dog feeders dispense your dog’s food automatically according to a schedule. They use electronic programming or gravity to serve this purpose. The biggest advantage of automatic dog feeders is convenience. They make your life easy and less stressful by saving both energy and time. They work according to timers or pre-schedules; they make it easier to maintain a regular feeding schedule. So, if you are a busy person or you are going on a trip and you are worried about feeding your dog get your hands on an automatic dog feeder which will surely eliminate all your worries.

A dog feeder must have a few features and qualities that you must look for in it. If you want to know everything about an automatic dog feeder, you can read the buyer’s guide for dog feeders.

If you have decided to buy an automatic dog feeder and are confused about which products you should buy, here are the five best automatic feeders for your dog along with their full description, their extensive advantages, and the cons related to them to help you make this decision:

5 Best Automatic Dog Feeders for Large dogs

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed – Top Pick

PetSafe is one of the world leaders in containment, training, and lifestyle solutions for pet owners. It has been a global brand in pet products for over 30 years and one of its best products is the “PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed”. It is the ultimate automatic dog feeder you want to have. It helps you to customize your dog’s meals according to a schedule.

Key Features:

  • You can customize the serving size from 1/8 cup to 4 cups per serving.
  • It has a digital timer that can program 12 meals per day.
  • It can hold up to 1.5 gallons (13lbs) of food.
  • Its innovative conveyor helps you dispense accurate meal portions and it also prevents jamming.
  • It has multiple feed modes which help customize the meals according to the eating habits of the dogs:
    • Slow Feed mode: Helps to slow down heavy eaters
    • Immediate Feed Mode: Gives a small snack during the day
    • Pause Feed mode: Stops meals without losing schedule
  • Its Locking food storage keeps the food fresh and secure and can hold up to 24 cups of dry or semi-moist food.
  • It can work with dry and semi-moist kibble that is up to ¾ inches in diameter.
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All parts can be assembled easily.
  • It is easy to use, simple, and user friendly.
  • It provides a good value for money.
  • All the parts can be hand washed separately.
  • It is designed to keep the pets away from sneaking food before the scheduled mealtime.
  • Although it provides good value for money, still it is costly.
  • Users have found the programming part a little difficult.

So, if you are looking for a reliable automatic feeder for your dog that will stand the test of time, has extensive features, is easy to use, and provides good value for money, look no further than “PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed” to have a stress free time regarding your dog’s feeding.

Petmate Pet Café Feeder – Best Gravity Feeder

Petmate is another household brand when it comes to pet-related products. Since introducing the first dog kennel over 50 years ago, Petmate has become one of the most used pet products among pet owners. One of their best pet feeders is the “Petmate Pet Café Feeder”.

If you are looking for the best gravity automatic feeder, “Petmate Pet Café Feeder” is the product for you. It lets you spend more time with your dog and less time refilling their dish by using a gravity feed design that continuously fills the bowl with food as it empties. It provides easy access to the food that your dog needs so, it is ideal for dog parents with a busy lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a removable, easy-snap lid for pouring food into a storage hopper.
  • It features a plastic base and water bottle which are free of harmful chemicals, for your dog’s safety.
  • The plastic bottle is available in 3 sizes, from 3 to 12 pounds so it is ideal for dogs of all sizes (max. capacity of 12lbs).
  • The food storage hopper securely locks into the base without spilling.
  • It comes in a variety of colors to complement any room of your home.
  • Gravity feeder dispenses dry food as the dog eats thus prolonging refill time.
  • The food container locks securely into a base for stability thus suitable for traveling.
  • It can be cleaned easily as the top is easy to remove and features a wide mouth bottle for convenient washing.
  • It comes with large capacity thus it is also good for very large dogs.
  • Sometimes large food pieces get stuck in the opening that fills the bowl so the feeder needs shaking for food to come out.
  • The size of the food tray is small.
  • It has no portion control.

So, if you are looking for a reliable automatic feeder for your dog that will stand the test of time, has extensive features, is easy to use, and provides good value for money, look no further than “PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed” to have a stress free time regarding your dog’s feeding.

Pet Lodge Automatic Dog Feeder – Largest Capacity and Heavy-duty

Another household name in the pet product industry is Pet Lodge. Farmers, ranchers, and pet parents find Pet Lodge a perfect brand for feeding, watering, housing, bedding, and clean-up products for their pets. One of Pet Lodge’s most popular products is “Pet Lodge Automatic Dog Feeder 50 lbs. Chow Hound Feeder”. It is the perfect solution for dog owners who are too busy to take care of their dog’s feeding. Its durable steel body is chew-proof and its magnetized door keeps all the pests away from food. Its large 50 lbs. storage makes it perfect for large dogs and keeps the owner away from refilling the container repeatedly.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a chew-proof container that stores dry food.
  • It has a tough galvanized steel body which is durable and rust-resistant, making it great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It has a magnetized door to let dogs in but keeps pests away from the food.
  • Its angled chute allows controlled food flow.
  • It comes fully assembled and can be mounted on a wall or a frame.
  • The feeder has a 50-pounds capacity and also comes in 12- and 25-pound capacity.
  • It is very durable as it is made up of galvanized steel.
  • Its magnetized door keeps the pests away.
  • It is easy to use and user friendly. It also does not require assembling.
  • It has a large capacity and requires less refilling and works great for large dogs.
  • It is one of the cheapest automatic dog feeders in the market and provides good value for money.
  • It does not have food limit control.
  • Some dogs are afraid to open the magnetized door with their snouts and need the training to adapt to the feeder.

“Pet Lodge Automatic Dog Feeder 50 lbs. Chow Hound Feeder” is a perfect dog feeder for large muscular dog breeds. If you have a large dog or your dog is an aggressive chewer and you are looking for a cheap and durable feeder, get your hands on the “Pet Lodge Automatic Dog Feeder 50 lbs. Chow Hound Feeder”.

Petmate Replendish Feeder w/ Microban – Easy to Manage

Petmate being a consumer-friendly company has come up with “Petmate Replendish Feeder w/ Microban”. It a cheaper and more manageable dog feeder. It also works on gravity design and is very easy to use dog feeder by Petmate. It has a microban antimicrobial product protection that prevents the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria in the base.

Key Features:
  • It works on a gravity feed design which continuously fills the bowl with fresh food as it empties.
  • It comes with an easy-snap lid for easy pouring or scooping food into the wide top.
  • It is available with a plastic food reservoir ranging from 2 to 18 pounds in capacity (max. Capacity of 18lbs).
  • The food reservoir is easy to fill and securely locks into the base making it good for traveling as well.
  • Its micro ban antimicrobial product protection prevents staining and odor-causing bacteria.
  • It comes in different colors like pearl blue, pearl peacock blue, pearl silver grey.
  • It can be cleaned easily as its base and bottle can be screwed apart.
  • It is one of the cheapest dog feeders on the market.
  • It is the most manageable and easy to use dog feeder because of its easy-snap lid and wide top.
  • It has a wide and stable base so it is good for traveling.
  • Its Microban antimicrobial product protection keeps bacteria and stains away.
  • If the food size is large, sometimes it gets stuck in the opening of the dispenser and needs shaking.
  • It does not work with large sized kibbles.

If you are looking for a manageable, economical, and easy to use dog feeder go buy the “Petmate Replendish Feeder w/ Microban” as it gives you the maximum value for money and keeps your time stress-free your dog’s feeding.

Honey Guardian Automatic Pet Feeder – High Tech

Honey guardian is a pet product line that has incorporated technology into their products to the utmost. They are the pioneers of high-tech pet products. To overcome the problems of dog feeding for their customers they have come up with the “Honey Guardian Automatic Pet Feeder”. It is the best high-tech automatic dog feeder in the market and comes with a programmable timer, portion control, alarm, and voice recorder. Thus it is the perfect automatic dog feeder for dogs having eating scheduling problems.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a large food container having 7 liters of food capacity.
  • It has a removable stainless steel bowl which is dishwasher proof and perfect for your dog’s hygiene.
  • It comes with a built-in clock and a touch LCD. LCD has an anti-locking function keeping kids and pets away from anti-touch settings.
  • Along with automatic feeding it also has a manual feeding function for immediate feeding of your dog.
  • It carries a locking lid and low food alarm preventing a shortage of food.
  • It has a non-slipping base having 4 anti-skip pads that provide stability.
  • It has a built-in voice recorder and infrared detection function.
  • It can run on DC power adapters or 4 D size batteries.
  • A removable food container and stainless-steel bowl can easily be washed.
  • Its built-in voice recorder and speaker makes it easily adaptable for your dog.
  • Easy to set up control panel makes it user friendly.
  • Anti-touch buttons make it pet-proof.
  • The top lid forms a seal that keeps the food fresh.
  • The dispenser gets jammed if kibble over 0.6 inches is used.
  • The feeder does not work with semi-dry and wet kibble.

So, if you are looking for a high-tech automatic feeder for your dog at a very good price, “Honey Guardian Automatic Pet Feeder” is the perfect product for you. Get your hands on the” Honey Guardian Automatic Pet Feeder” and leave your dog’s feeding duties to it.

Everything you need to Know about a Dog Feeder

There are several aspects of an automatic dog feeder that you may need to know to get a complete understanding of which feeder you need to get and which suites your situation?

Here is everything that you need to know about a feeder:

What is an automatic dog feeder?

An automatic dog feeder is a programmable food dispenser that can help dog parents feed your dog automatically when they are away or too busy to feed your dog. Automatic feeders help the owners to set multiple meal times and alter the meal portions so that their dogs get the correct quantity of meal at the right time. They keep the food hygienic, clean, and fresh. They also help to schedule your dog’s meals so that aggressive eaters do not overeat and gain unnecessary weight.

Things to look for in a Dog Feeder

When buying a dog feeder, there are many factors to consider. Here are a few points that you can follow to find a perfect feeder for your dog according to your requirements and your dog’s size:

Automatic Feeders

They are a great option for dogs that are aggressive eaters. They are made of plastic and have obstacles in the center. The obstacles make it difficult to access food. This slows down the speed of eating. This helps prevent choking, gastric and intestinal disorders, vomiting, bloating, and weight gain.

Plastic dog Feeders

These are typical dishes or containers that are sold in pet stores. It is usually not recommended because animals can develop plastic allergies.

High Feeders

The dog feeders that you can adjust according to the height of your dog are called high feeders. This prevents the dog from applying extensive effort to eat. They improve the body posture and comfort of the dogs. They make swallowing easy. They also help to slow down aggressive eaters. They are a great option for dogs with arthritis, neck, or back problems.


Firstly, machine programming is something to consider. To ensure efficiency, ensure that the feeder is easily programmable. The simpler the instructions, the better it is. If you need to check the user manual redundantly due to complicated instruction it is better to go for any other feeder.

Portion Size

Think about whether the portion size that the feeder is capable of releasing is appropriate for your dog. For example, some machines only release large quantities of food at a time. So, it is inappropriate for dogs that are on diet restrictions. Some feeders dispense food in small quantities which is not suitable for bigger dogs. Thus, you need to look for feeders that dispense portion sizes that are appropriate for your dog.

Number of Meals per day

The number of times a feeder will dispense food in a day is an important consideration. Most, automatic feeders are capable of releasing food at least two times a day. If you want to feed your dog more you will have to look for feeders that can dispense food more times a day.

Holding Capacity of food

The amount of food that the feeder can hold is also an important consideration. In case of a large dog having a large appetite, you need to look for a feeder with an adequate capacity for food storage. Otherwise, you will be in the hassle of refilling it again and again.


Just like every machine, you need something that is made with quality. Look for a feeder with a sturdy design as you don’t want your pet to tip them over, nudge them, or release more food than the quantity programmed.


The dog feeder needs to be pet-proof. You want a feeder that your dog can not break and eat more than the scheduled quantity. They should also be easy to clean and environment friendly.

Power Source and Batteries

You should also think about the power source for automatic dog feeders. Batteries power some while others are powered by electricity. The benefit of having an automatic dog feeder powered by batteries is the portability. You can place the feeder anywhere. But they won’t feed your dog if the batteries go dead. So, if you are away for long, they are not reliable. In this regard, electrically powered dog feeders are far more reliable. However, they limit the portability as you have to place them near electrical outlets.

Benefits of an automatic dog feeders:

  • Helps to schedule meal times
  • Helps to schedule meal portions
  • Suitable for all canine sizes
  • Environment friendly
  • Pet-proof
  • Keeps food clean and hygienic
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Good for large and strong breeds
  • Slow down eating

Downsides of dog feeders:

  • Food can get stuck
  • Most feeders don’t work with wet kibble
  • Programming can be difficult
  • Animals can develop an allergy to plastic

How often should a Dog Be Fed?

Among the most asked questions by new dog owners is; How often should dogs eat? Generally, you should feed your dog twice a day. The frequency of feeding the dog is less important than the meal portion size. Breed, age, size, and energy levels are the factors that contribute to determining the meal portion size of a dog. The health of the dog also plays a part in determining the meal portion size and frequency of feeding.


Healthy Labradors under 3 months of age should be fed small portions of food 4 times a day. For 3 to 6 months old, feed them 3 times a day. For labradors that are older than 6 months, you can feed them twice a day.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers under 6 months should be fed 3 times a day. Above the age of 6 months, they should be fed twice a day.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds should be fed 3 times a day under the age of 12 months. Older German Shepherd should be fed twice a day.


Bulldogs under 3 months of age should be fed four times a day. From 3 to 6 months of age, they should be fed 3 times a day. Older Bulldogs can be fed once or twice a day.


From eight weeks to six months beagles should be fed 3 times a day. Older beagles can be fed once or twice per day.


Poodle puppies under 6 months of age should be fed 4-5 times per day while older poodles should be fed 2-3 times a day.


An automatic dog feeder can be very helpful for you if you are a busy person or going away from home for a while. If you have decided to buy an automatic dog feeder for your fur baby, the feeder that we recommend is the “PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply feed”. As already mentioned, it provides you great value for money. It is easily programmable, easy to clean, pet-proof. It provides you with great convenience to feed your dog the correct amount of food at the correct time for a correct number of times.